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First Steps in Financial Matters in Court - Please Help Me Understand

Posted by Kathleen Murphy | Mar 27, 2019

The Wake County Family disclosures timeline is very important in any action pending for financial matters such as Child Support and Alimony (Support) or Equitable Distribution (Property).  

The first step in most cases for financial matters is providing disclosures.  

For Child Support and Alimony (Support) matters, we file a DOM-17A(COID-Support) and usually a DOM-10 (Financial Affidavit)

For Equitable Distribution (Property) matters, we file a DOM-17B(COID-Property) and usually a DOM-19 (Equitable Distribution Inventory Affidavit).

How do we keep up with these documents in our office?  For ease of the client, we use Drop Box or Share File to create an online file just for you.  In your file, we have folders labeled just for your use and typically, here are the folders for Support:

* Paychecks (6 months)

* Tax Returns (3-5 years)

* Bank Statements (6-18 months)

* Credit Card Statements (6-18 months)

* Insurance

If the matter involves Property, here are some additional folders we create:

* Real Property Documentation (Deed, Closing Statements, Mortgage Statements - 6 months)

* Vehicles (Blue Book values of each vehicle as of the date of separation and 6 months of statements for car payments, if any)

* Retirement (6-12 months of Pension/401(k)/457/IRA statements)

* Business (for self employed clients)

* Miscellaneous Assets (Frequent Flyer Points, Lots, Money Market Accounts, Bonds/Stocks)

We ask our clients for 6-18 months of documents and we require our clients to upload each bank statement individually and identify as follows (e.g.):  SECU-1234 (account number) - January, 2019, SECU-1234-February, 2019, etc.   For credit card statements, we ask the client to identify each statement as follows (e.g.):  Capital One-4567-January 2019, Capital One 4567-February, 2019, etc.   

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